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Organic farming

We believe, when an individual or an organization sets out to operate to reduce its environmental impact and to provide environment friendly, carbon neutral services it is usually achieved by combining the following three steps:

  • Limiting energy usage and emissions
  • Obtaining electricity and other energy from a renewable energy source
  • Offsetting the remaining emissions that cannot for the moment be avoided or generated from renewable

Here is example of Deutsche Post DHL, who with its GOGREEN products / services become the first logistics company to offer its customers the option of sending carbon neutral packages. The transport-related CO2 emissions are calculated and offset through internal reduction measures and external climate protection projects as well as operating through Carbon Neutral warehouse, pack stations and delivery modes

Our focus and philosophy is providing Eco Services and products that are conscientious of the environment and our health without sacrificing any style!

We are passionate about incorporating Eco ethics into our daily lives and especially through our own practice. We believe in giving this world to the next generations in better condition than we received it. We need to teach them the importance of respecting the environment through everything we do.

  • Washington State Department Of Agriculture Organic Program www.agr.wa.gov
  • California Department Of Agriculture Organic Program www.cdfa.ca.gov
  • Organic Trade Association www.ota.com
  • LIVE NEWS www.grist.org
  • Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) www.acornorganic.org
  • USDA National Organic Program www.ams.usda.gov
  • National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service www.attra.org
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