SKAFS provides a comprehensive and a unique Environmental Consultancy Services through its complete Environment Health and Safety Management Information Systems, Predictive Emission Monitoring System, Smart Manufacturing Technology, Air Quality Control Services, and Professional Environmental Training that can deliver clarity and efficiency to our clients.


Consultancy and advisory services for Organic Agriculture Development
Skafs deals with technical queries and provides training and other events for producers related to Organic Agriculture Development, as well as Specialist consultancy services. We also provide;

  • Farm advisory visits.
  • Access to soil sampling and analysis services as well as interpretation and commentary on the currently available types of analysis.
  • Conversion planning : Our consultants have been providing detailed conversion plans for many years and are able to prepare conversion plans for businesses of all sizes and complexity.
  • Planning support: SKAFS consultants have considerable experience in the provision of agricultural appraisals to support rural planning applications. This support can extend to appearances before planning committees and planning inspectors.
  • Communication: Consultants are also available to contribute to events and meetings through the delivery of presentations, leading field walks and chairing discussions.
  • Training events.
  • Bespoke services: SKAFS Consultants have engaged in a range of specialist activities over the years in response to specific requests from clients and have also engaged in a number of projects.

  • Washington State Department Of Agriculture Organic Program www.agr.wa.gov
  • California Department Of Agriculture Organic Program www.cdfa.ca.gov
  • Organic Trade Association www.ota.com
  • LIVE NEWS www.grist.org
  • Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) www.acornorganic.org
  • USDA National Organic Program www.ams.usda.gov
  • National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service www.attra.org
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